About Longa Money

Who we are

Longa Money (LM) is a platform that makes it easier to identify influencers through a very targeted search function, and we boast a variety of influencers to choose from.

This sheer number of influencers allows brands from niches of every size and type to find influencers to collaborate with to promote their products.

What we do

We assist with relationship management with a platform that makes it simple and easy for clients to keep track of the influencers they are working with.

We help brands build and maintain relationships with influencers and provide measurable information to track the effectiveness of each influencer marketing campaign.

We boast the highest level of analytics in the influencer marketing space.

We work with clients to build a custom strategy that - in turn - allows us to match our clients with the right influencers.

We offer robust influencer account analytics.

We offer custom trackers for influencer marketing campaigns.

What sets us apart

We report back to brands:
Engagement rate
Link & pixel tracking
Promo code and/or hashtag tracking.

Influencer propriety fraud detection for followers and engagement.

We provide a wide spectrum of influence: Nano, Micro, Mid-Tier, Macro and Mega influencers.

Influencer relationship management contracted per influencer campaign via LM.

Influencer Incentive Flexibility: Payment or Product.

Social Channels: discover and activate influencers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs etc.

Influencer search & discovery: multiple criteria for discovering & filtering influencers, including comparing of influencers, audience demographics and content performance.


Dawn Park
South Africa

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